The Biggest 4th of July Celebrations

Happy 4th of July two days early.  Although most of my shows are private this weekend, I do have a number of public shows.

For the 7th straight year, MagicbyRandy (Me) will be performing Friday and Saturday at one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations, Lisle’s “Eyes to the Skies Festival“.

If you’re at the festival stop the children’s stage and say hello.

Reboot and Energize Your Team with Interact Magic Show

It’s that time of year, summer picnics, out door parties, swimming, sun and team building?  Yes, team building! With the year half over this is the perfect time to have a team building event.

Reboot and energize your team with an interact magic show incorporating “team building” and “service with a smile”. I work with human resources and training and development professionals, along with sales and division managers, to develop custom presentations geared to the issues and opportunities that each company faces.

I then presents a one-of-a-kind team-building session using a combination of professional presentation, magic and improvisational comedy to get key messages across and to engage employees in interactive exercises that illustrate each point. The end result is that your team will be energized and motivated to achieve stretch goals by working together more effectively.


Unlike other team building exercises, my team building presentation does not require participants to tackle physical challenges, and is suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities.

For more information contact Chicago Magician, Randy Bernstein 847 486 1410



I want to thank the Romeoville Recreation Department for having me present “The Magic of Team Building and Service” to their staff.  I’ll also be performing this summer at their Romeoville Fest in August.

So much going on this past week, birthdays, graduation parties, school shows. Last week I had two amazing days at CDW. I infotained/entertained for HP and CDW. Speaking of HP, tomorrow I’m headed to Vegas to represent Symantec at the HP Discover show. Looking forward to another great trade show!

More updates when I get back in town.

Magic show and 68th Annual La Grange Pet Parade!

Now that we’ve made it past the Memorial Day Weekend, I’m looking forward to a busy summer performing at many company picnics, park districts, family events and outside birthday parties. May/June look to be my busiest months of the year so far. This Saturday I’m performing a public magic show at the First National Bank of LaGrange at 9am, (just before the 68th Annual La Grange Pet Parade). If you live in the western suburbs and are a lover of canines stop on by.

Randy at the CDA in Anihiem with Robin Bell

In Anihiem at the CDA. Working with one of the best presenters in the the industry, Robin Bell. We took in over a 1000 leads!!! — with Robin Bell.

Keep Update On My Latest Show by Following My Blog Post and Social Sharing

Every few weeks I try to update my blog / Facebook / linkedin pages. Along with information about where and when I’m performing and acknowledging the wonderful company’s, organization and people that hire me, I’d like to make the information more relevant and useful.

Should you have any question about the services I provide or just need a referral for a DJ, Balloonist, Face Painter, Presenter, or other unique interactive entertain please do not hesitate to contact MagicByRandy, 847-486-1410 / 847-721-6262.

DSCN0255April showers bring May shower, or at lease that’s what it feels like here in Chicago. Just finishing out April with a trip to Denver for Price Forbes. This was my 12th year entertaining at their after hours party at RIMS. Looking forward to New Orleans next year.

This past weekend birthday and communion parties kept me busy with wonderful family shows both on Saturday and Sunday. (It was hard missing the Hawks game on Sunday, but they won!)

This Wednesday I’m performing at the Chicago Yacht club and then off to Boston to infotain for Hilton Worldwide at the AARP show.  On Sunday (mothers day) I have to shows at The Glen View Club.  Next week more info about upcoming public show. Make it a magical day!

Magic By Randy in Atlanta At AAA Expo

Back in town from a great family vacation out west.

This week I’ll be headed to Atlanta and will be infotaining with Hilton Worldwide at a “AAA expo”.

Thursday at the multi chamber event at the Sears Center Multi Chamber EXPO – Schaumburg Business | Schaumburg Business Association Stop by my booth if you’re there.

Friday I’m working with Compass Group, NAD for a magic/team presentation.

This weekend I have a lots of family shows including a public show at the Vernon Hills Park District. (Saturday 10:15 am) Thanks again to the Lake Shore Country Club for having me perform last night. Looking forward to performing there again in November. 

This is the time of the year people say to me, “If you’re a magician, fill out my NCAA bracet”  I’ll usally smile and explain,  “I’m more than a magician, I’m an entertainer who incorporates company’s messages into presentations at trade shows, sales meetings, team building programs, and hospitlity events.”  “I also perform amazing close up comedy magic and stage shows for adults and children thoughout Chicagoland and North America.”

With that I make my card appear out of thin air, hand it them and say, I look forward to working with you”…..If you’re looking for other professional entertainers check out this new site

A picture speaks 10,000 words

This week I attended the SBA event, Savour: A Food & Spirits Experience, and you’ll never believe who’s picture I ran into in the Cort VIP Suite. Yes, the “Wizard of Omaha,” the “Oracle of Omaha,” the “Sage of Omaha” Warren Edward Buffett. I took the opportunity to perform one of my favorite money tricks as people walked by. Changing single dollars bills into hundred dollar bills. I loved watching peoples faces as I talked to the picture of Warren Buffet and asked about investing.  IMG_2167

Small trade shows are as important as larger ones

Tomorrow I’m headed to the HMFA show in Wisconsin. Even though it’s one of the smallest shows I’m infotaining (with magic) at this year, it offers my clients a chance to make a big impact with show attendees and customers.

Smaller conferences/trade shows are one of the best opportunity to connect with individuals in your industry.  Attendees will usually spend more time at booths which offers you better chance to discuss your company’s offering and connect with decision makers.  Regional shows are also traditionally less expensive to attend than the larger national shows.

For more information about local and national shows visit

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