Repost: Why You Should Hire A Magician for Your Child’s Birthday Party.

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Why You Should Hire A Magician for Your Child’s Birthday Party. By Kellie Klocko/Randy Bernstein.

Every child wants a magical birthday. As a parent, every year it’s a challenge to plan a fun-filled party that will be memorable for your guests. Hiring a magician for your child’s birthday party provides an engaging, exciting and interactive experience for not only the birthday boy or girl but for their friends as well. After magician Mat Franco’s recent win on America’s Got Talent along with the thousands of magic videos on YouTube, magic is the hottest act in town. From adults to children, magic never looses its ability to amaze and leave a crowd speechless. A great magician will be able to entertain guests of all ages. The task of selecting a magician for your child’s party might feel overwhelming. You want to make sure they are extremely professional and offer entertainment that is age appropriate. You can find the best referrals through friends. Before you book the date and send out the invites, it’s a good idea to interview the magicians over the phone.

Here are some helpful things to consider when interviewing a magician.
-Do they return your phone call promptly?
-Are they friendly?
-Do they have referrals, video clips, featured articles or a promotional packet?
-What is their professional experience?
-Where have they recently performed? Are they insured?
-Do they send out a signed contract to confirm booking?
Always remember, you get what you pay for. The price range for booking a magician can range from $150.00 to over $400.00. Never base your decision on the price alone. For younger children, magicians often shorten their shows to 30-40 minutes, while shows for older age groups are 40-50 minutes. Here are few key factors to pricing.
-Date and time of party
-Size of crowd
-Location of party
– Quality of magician

Having a front row seat to witness the wonder and joy that magic brings makes it the perfect entertainment for your party. There is nothing like seeing the delight in your child’s eyes, and your party guests leave with smiles on their faces. If you have any questions or wish to bring magic to your next party, please contact Magic by Randy Magic by Randy offers the perfect blend of comedy, storytelling and magic providing party guests with a show they will be talking about. With over 30 years of presenting, Randy has performed at thousands of birthday parties, and performs regularly at schools, libraries and park districts throughout Chicago and Midwest.

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