Trade Show Magician – How To Attract Massive Crowds?

At Tradeshows, booths can struggle to attract visitors and remain empty all day and, to the contrary, some booth spaces remain fully crowded. If you are looking for some great ideas on how to attract a crowd to your tradeshow booth and make it an exemplary branding campaign for the marketers out there, this post has got you covered.

Remember, a tradeshow is a huge investment for marketing your company products or services. However, lack of winning strategy can take a toll on the agenda! Let’s read some great tips on how to make your trade show exhibition a real hit this year.

Events Magician - MagicbyRandy

Work on Building a Powerful Experience
Do brainstorming to find ideas on how you can spread awareness about your products, services and enhance the brand identity amidst the visitors. You will have to convey your brand message clearly and powerfully to reach out the potential customers. You can think of delighting the visitors’ taste buds by some branded snacks and treats. You need to provide your visitors memories that will last long after the tradeshow is over.

Bring in Some Live Entertainment
You can think of hiring an entertainer like a magician, juggler, mind-reader or a comedian to truly engage your trade show audience. For example, if you hire a professional tradeshow magician, such as Magic By Randy, they can use their magic skills to indirectly promote your brand and company message amongst the visitors.

Live performances can seamlessly embrace your brand message and present strikingly amongst the large crowd. Many studies prove that live entertainments, mainly visual performances like a magic show, can help attract more visitors to your trade exhibition. A pro trade show magician can help draw in the masses and your sales executives or marketers can manage the agenda after the show.

Trade Show Magician - MagicByRandy

Don’t Plan to Offer Chairs to Your Trade Show Representatives
Well, I am not asking you to be a cruel employer and harass your employees. But studies show that people are less likely to visit trade booths with staff sitting on the chair and more inclined to visit the booths with staff that isn’t seated but stand straight to greet the visitors. Nonetheless, you can put some chairs for important visitors or guests to come. Or you can also create a small sitting area for visitors so they can enjoy your presentation comfortably. The more people stop by your booth, the more people will be attracted to visit your booth.

Develop a Strategy
Well before your staff reaches the actual site for the trade show, develop a comprehensive strategy. The staff should be aware of the business objectives behind the trade exhibition; motivate the team to perform best and make the event successful. Also, ask the team to get ready for their trade show presentations; at least, a week ahead so there remains a scope for 2-3 revision till it reaches the excellence. In short, you need to decide on the complete plan of action ahead of time. Going at the trade show unprepared will bring no gain!

Reap Benefits of Social Media Marketing
If you have any free gifts on offer, don’t give them randomly to visitors. Instead you can engage them to your social media page by some kind of activity to hand out the free stuff. For example, you can organize a social media contest where a visitor who puts a selfi your staff person captured during the trade show wins a freebie. Or you may invite people to write about your company/brand on your business page in social media sites like Facebook. Unleash the power of social media to your event more interesting and effective.

If you are looking for the best entertainer for your trade show in Chicago, Randy Bernstein is the answer. With over 10000 successful live performances in his career of 25 years as a pro magician in Chicago, Randy can truly help attract audience, engage them and give you some potential leads at the trade show.

Hope these 5 tips will help your trade show meet success!

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